I’ve changed my baby… On the floor of the bathroom at Topanga cafe

Topanga Cafe, Kitsilano. December 2011.

Because the lady behind the counter is worried about my baby gnawing on a straw while sitting in my arms (he could get hurt! in so many ingenious ways!) but not the range of bacterial infections that could come from lying down in a public john.

…and just in case you were wondering: the straw is that black line next to the toilet. That was the last time he gnawed on it.


I literally think I’m dying…


I literally think I’m dying!!! I’m screaming in pain as my first baby is being born – it feels like I’m shitting a hippo!!! – and Peter is crying and then I’m holding her and it feels like the most feminist thing in the world anyone could ever do. I love my children!!! And suddenly I feel, Woomph, I’m creative, I’m going to write five columns and a book while I’m breast-feeding. Wowzer!! If you want a job done, ask a working mother. They are the most productive people in the UNIVERSE.

From ‘How to Be a Woman’ by Caitlin Moran (http:///theguardian/books/2011/jun/20/how-to-be-a-woman)

I’ve changed my baby… ***Special Alert: Mamactivism in action!***

After sparking a particularly heated discussion about the absurdity of not having a clean, safe place to change babies in the entire education building on McGill University campus, our dear mamactivist Sarah was delighted to receive the following email:

Subject: Baby Change Station Installation
Sent on behalf of Patricia Jackson, Building Director, Faculty of Education

Baby Change Station Installation – March 7th

Facilities will be installing at least one baby change station in the Education Building on Wednesday,  March 7th.   The installation is expected to last approximately 1 to 2 hours and therefore shall not disrupt usage for very long.  During the work, the woman’s washroom will have men working in it and a sign will be posted directing people to the next closest woman’s washroom.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Andrea Gore
Work Order Administrator
Facilities Operations and Development


One down, ~40 more to go! 

I’ve pumped my booby…

In an airport security washroom.

ABC News reported on Friday that a mother in Hawaii needed to pump breast milk in the open area of an airport bathroom in order for a TSA agent to permit her to get through security with her breast pumping equipment.

“I’m in a dress, in heels and I find myself in front of a sink and mirrors with travelers coming in and out of the bathroom,” Amy Strand told ABCNews.com. “I’m standing at the sink with my breast hanging out, pumping. I wanted to cry. I was humiliated.”

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