About Mamactivism

I’m Miss Bad Media Karma, another day another drama
‘Cause I can’t see the harm in workin’ and being a mama —
and with a kid on my arm I’m still an exceptional earner…
— Britney Spears, ‘You Wanna Piece of Me?’

Mamactivism is based on the radical concept that mothers are people with the right to lead fulfilling, active, adult lives. We believe a mother should be able to do most things other adults do — like Britney says, with a kid on her arm if she so chooses.

We work to combat both the barriers that stop mamas from getting out and enjoying life and those that stop mamas from staying home and enjoying their children. We believe that breastfeeding/pumping nooks and changing tables should be required of every office, public transit hub and restaurant. We believe in fair compensation for childcare and other domestic duties.

We envision a world where all kinds of motherhood, from the biological to the step-, the over-involved to the laissez-faire, are appreciated and celebrated for the labours of love they are.

I changed my baby… is our first project. It aims to bring attention to the dire need for baby changing tables in public restrooms. Without changing tables, mamas (and papas and other caretakers) are forced to change their babies in a variety of unsafe and unsanitary conditions — or not at all. Join the fight by submitting a picture of a ridiculous place you’ve had to change your baby, or by ordering one of our ‘INSTALL CHANGING TABLE HERE’ stickers. Stick it to em!

***We are now accepting submissions for our next project, I pumped my booby… If you’ve been breastpumping unseen in unsightly and unsavoury places, we want to hear about it! Send your pictures and stories to mamatomamablog@gmail.com .


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